The mission of South Sound Weightlifting & Sports Performance (SSWSP) is to provide a method and place where men and women of all ages can improve their lives through the physically and mentally challenging sport of weightlifting.

SSWSP is a weightlifting coaching and instruction gym where you receive professional and  personal coaching instruction and personal programming to help you become a better weightlifter, better athlete, better CrossFitter. SSWSP uses the Russian weightlifter classification system to track long term proficiency and progress. We teach the Olympic lifts and programming to:

  • develop competitive weightlifters and Crossfitters

  • improve athletic performance in other sports

  • teach beginners how to lift properly

Learning the Olympic lifts is the hardest fun you've ever had!

Contact Coach David DeLong to schedule your free 30 minute initial consultation and orientation.

Coach DeLong 360 280-2816

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Studies show that Olympic weightlifting has the lowest injury rate of any organized sport! This is due to close supervision and  proper coaching.

David recently attended a coach's clinic featuring:
- Three time World Champion, two time Olympic Gold medalist Ilya Ilyn
- World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist Dimitry Klokov
- Three time Russian National Champion Vasily Polovnikov
- Olympic Gold medalist and US head Olympic Coach Zygmunt Smalcerz
- Master of Sport, Norwood head coach Nikita Durnev
"I used to power snatch an ugly 135 (lbs), and never squat snatched more than 105.  After a ten week cycle at SSW, I'm hitting a 147 squat snatch regularly.....that's a 42 lb increase in only TEN weeks!"

Robert Fosdick---Crossfit competitor

Why training with the  Olympic lifts
makes sense

  • A world wide competitive sport with local, regional, national and world events

  • Multiple size and age groups for both men and women.

  • Strength, conditioning, and functional improvement.
  • Because it the hardest fun you've ever had!!
American record holder, Pan Am record holder Rob Arroyo competing at a recent USAW meet at SSW
Crossfit Yelm WOD Dogs owner Annie Malone working her Clean & Jerk as SSW
Josh, a second baseman comes to SSWSP in order to become a better baseball player.  
Russian Master of Sport and Norwood, MA head coach Nikita Durnev will come to Washington to present two days' instruction on the Russian system of practicing and teaching the Olympic Lifts.

I've seen Nikita teach. I've listened to him. You don't want to miss him.

Saturday April 19--, "Improve Your Lifts" will concentrate on technical improvements, remedial exercises, and practicing to improve your lifts. This day is appropriate for new lifters as well as more advanced lifters and coaches.

Sunday April 20 will focus on "Teaching The Lifts". This will be focused on how to teach and progress the lifts. This class is NOT for beginners wanting to learn the lifts. This class IS for lifters and coaches who already know how to lift and want improved teaching skills.

Register for one day only $200. Both days $300.

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Lifting times are:

M, --- F: 4:00-8:00

Saturday morning: 9:00-12:00 (when a coach is available)
I'm a serious CrossFit athlete and a CF Level 1 Trainer.   Dave welcomes all CrossFit athletes and understands our needs and competitive goals.  He is an effective coach; his technical coaching and programming has helped me perform the Olympic lifts better.  He fosters a fun, positive, and safe training atmosphere, and his equipment is first class.  For anyone who wants to learn how to perform the Olympic lifts, I recommend SSW. 

Travis Ellingson
Jill of CF Yelm snatching.
David with Dimitry Klokov